will you read the whole bible with us in 2020?

The year 2020 is a great year to seek 20/20 vision in our Christian lives. The Bible cuts through the fog

of our world and brings clarity about who God is and what he expects of us. It calls us to worship

the one true God, comforts and equips God’s people in life and ministry, and evangelizes the world when

it is read, proclaimed, understood, and cherished. I’m suggesting that we all use the English Standard Version

along with the Discipleship Journal Reading Plan. Click here for a PDF version you can print and put in your Bible.

There will also be print copies available in our worship folders this Sunday and at the Hub after that. 

If you prefer, you can click here to get the app for your mobile device. 

And you can click here to listen free online!


Church, will you read the whole Bible with Pastor Gil in 2020? I pray so! 

Sure, we may fall behind from time to time, or you may choose to intentionally go slower. That’s okay. 

The point is being in the word together. So, let’s do this together!