Jolene Aho - Deaconess Team

Deb Brueske - Deaconess Team

Jim Hanson - Deacon of Ordinances & Set Up

Mike Johnson - Deacon of Finance, Building & Grounds

Jim Kauffmann - Deacon

Pam Mulvihill - Deaconess Team

Julie Ness - Deaconess Team

Crista Olson - Deaconess Team

Curt Olson - Deacon of Audio/Visual

John Olson - Deacon of Finance, Building & Grounds

Rich Price - Deacon of Finance, Building & Grounds

Paul Sawatsky - Deacon of Global Missions


Nathan Colestock

Assistant for Youth and Family Ministry

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God mercifully called me from darkness to light in high school. Early in my college career he guided me to pursue vocational ministry. In May 2022 I graduated from Bethlehem Seminary. My lovely wife Maddie and I have two little girls. I love nothing more than to teach and equip God's people to love him with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. I also enjoy music, board games, hiking, reading, writing, and sunsets over the lake at our cabin.