Sunday Morning Adults

Core Classes at 9:00am

Habits of Grace: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
Hear his voice. Have his ear. Belong to his body. There are the three main principles that shape and

strengthen the Christian life. When these everyday spiritual habits are practiced, they become

channels of grace to our souls that increase Christian love, living, and most of all, joy. This is not a call to

legalism or pointless self-denial. It’s a call to “pleasures forevermore” – both individually and as a church

(Psalm 16:11). Let’s learn to practice them together so we might grow in likeness to Christ (13 weeks).

The Gospel
What is the gospel? Who is it for? These may seem like simple questions but there’s much more to them. 

It’s the good news about Jesus Christ that someone must believe to be saved. But once a Christian, we never

get over the gospel. Paul was eager to preach the gospel to Roman Christians for their mutual benefit

because he believed “it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who keeps on believing” (Rom. 1:11-16). 

The goal of this Core Class is to gain a deeper understanding of the good news that saves us and build a firm foundation for the Christian life. We will dive into parts of Romans and other New Testament passages. Let’s go

deeper in our understanding of the gospel together, especially if you are newer to Meadow Creek (13 weeks).


T2D - Titus 2 Discipleship Ministry

You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine...teach the older women... Then they can

train the younger that the word of God may not be reviled. (Titus 2:1,3-5)

The vision of this ministry is to give women a venue and opportunity to do what God has designed and to provide the setting for this type of treasuring and proclaiming within groups of women. 

The desire is to create women's mentoring groups that will meet together to grow in truth by

sharing life together. These groups will intentionally pursue Christian community within the body through intergenerational relationships, older mentors paired with younger, living out the

Gospel while discipling one another to do the same.

Contact the Church Office for more information (763-427-4543)