Sunday Morning

Adult Sunday School: In-Person and online

"Living by Faith in God's Future Grace" [9:00am]

Join us Sunday mornings for our Adult Sunday School as we seek to answer these questions: "How should

we live the Christian life? How do we strive for holiness individually and as a body of believers? Can we be both

holy and happy at the same time? Our new Sunday School class explores the surprising and liberating answer

to these questions: Living by faith in future grace. “The promises of future grace are the keys to Christ-like Christian living. The hand that turns the key is faith, and the life that results is called living by faith in future grace.”  This kind of

faith is powerful "because it looks to the future and embraces the promises of God as more satisfying than the

promises of sin.” Let's strive together to daily believe the promises of God and be holy and happy together. Join us

every Sunday morning at 9am in the gym.  (This class is being offered on Zoom for those who are staying home.)


As men, we are called to be spiritual leaders in our homes, whether single, married, or

married with children. To do that well we need to be biblically grounded; we need maturity, wisdom, 

love, and accountability. We seek to spend time digging into the Word, getting to know and pray

for one another. We will be taking a break for the summer. Watch for fall plans.


Our Meadow Creek women love to gather to study God’s Word together,

to pray, and to build relationships with one another—all with the purpose of getting

to know our God more and become more like Him in order to bring Him glory. 

We will be taking a break for the summer. Watch for fall plans.