Scripture Memory

The example of the Psalmist is to hide Scripture in our hearts (Psalm 119:11). We have every reason to follow his example. After all, God's words give us what we need to live uprightly (Psalm 119:9), have joy greater than all riches (Psalm 119:14, 72, 127), hope in the midst of despair (Psalm 119:81), be wiser than our enemies or those of old (Psalm 119:98, 100), and guide us in the right way to go (Psalm 119:105, 130). Can you believe all that?

This year, the whole church is using Fighter Verses to guide our Scripture memory. Having a system is helpful, and Fighter Verses has some resources to make memorizing easier. 

  • The most important resource is this bookmark, which you can also keep in the hub. When you sit down with your Bible in the morning, it will remind you what to memorize and meditate on. 
  • But what if my Bible isn't with me? Make sure you have the Fighter Verses app (AppleAndroid). It will remind you what to memorize, give you memorization aids, and even give you catchy songs to help you out (warning, the songs really are catchy). 

2024 Bible Reading Plans

Once again, we are encouraging our Church Family to plan to read through the Bible in 2024. If you don't already have a plan, we joyfully offer these options. Print the PDF from one of the following Bible Reading Plans:

All of these plans are helpful in their own way. Try a new one or stick to what has been helpful in the past. However you do it, be devoted this year to feeding your soul on the words of life and sharing with each other what you are seeing. That's what genuine fellowship is all about.

Weekly Worship Songs Playlist

This week @ Meadow Creek Andover

 As an aid to our congregational worship and to help you and your family prepare for Sunday worship, we have created an online Spotify playlist of songs that we sing here at Meadow Creek Church. We hope this resource will help you in your personal worship, and help you to engage more fully

in worship when you join us on Sunday morning.

This playlist will help prepare you to worship wholeheartedly on Sunday mornings.