• Bill & Lisa Abeler

    Camp Lebanon

    Camp Lebanon’s vision is that through the "funnest" fun, loving relationships, beauty inside and out, and Truth declared and illustrated,Camp Lebanon guests young and old will taste the delight of being desired by their Creator God. Camp Lebanon is dedicated to providing a "Meeting Place with God" to help the Church do the work of Christ.

  • Richard & Geraldine Akers


    Richard and Geraldine Akers are native South Africans who joined ZEMA in December 1989. They are based in Nelspruit Mpumalanga and their ministry is in with the ZEBS classes in Mozambique as well as the Mpumalanga providence of South Africa. 


  • Dan's role with Cru Inner City is serving as the National Director of Development and Strategic Resources. Jane is the Director for Youth Development nationally - training and equipping local urban churches to

    have their own SAY Yes! Center for Youth Development, which are Christ-centered, local urban church-based, after-school tutoring and mentoring centers for inner city kids.

  • Bob & Judy Reed

    Partners in Joy, Inc.

    The Reeds’ current focus is on helping train Spanish speakers who want to be missionaries. Bob is writing online introductory courses in Spanish, giving students the opportunity to study right where they live, without relocating to a different city or country to go to school. Bob also serves as a consultant and advisor to other trainers and to CILTA graduates in various places of ministry.


  • Brian & Connie Shepson

    Mission Aviation Fellowship

    The Shepsons spent three terms in Shell, Ecuador, as a pilot/mechanic family before coming to serve at MAF headquarters in Redlands, California. Brian currently is one of the five flight instructors in the training department and helps evaluate new MAF hopefuls, train new pilots, and travel the world checking MAF pilots on the field. Connie works with the Ministry Advocates. Her role is to select, train, and support these fellow partners in ministry to be effective representatives of MAF and the people to whom we minister. 

  • Mark & Cheryl Sjoblom

    JAARS, an affiliate of Wycliffe

    Mark and Cheryl have been assigned to work at the JAARS Center in North Carolina since July 2016. For 24 years, Mark and Cheryl supported Bible translation in Papua, Indonesia. Mark maintained the YAJASI fleet of airplanes, managed the maintenance department, supervised the building of a new hangar. Cheryl taught math in Hillcrest International School most of those years and sometimes taught drama. Mark now works on a team assisting the VP for Transportation Services. He assists with training, service maturity, strategic planning and safety. Cheryl works in the Purchasing and Shipping bookkeeping department at JAARS.

  • Doris and George have served in various roles within the Wycliffe family for over 25 years. George has recently retired. Doris is working with Wycliffe Switzerland in prayer mobilization with two main tasks: 1) Wycliffe Switzerland’s Prayer Initiative for Bibleless People Groups, and 2) Establishing and supporting Indonesian Moms in Prayer Association. 

  • David & Tanya Westrum

    Interlink Ministries

    David and Tanya serve with Interlink Ministries in Russia, serving as a Prayer mobilizer and Hospice volunteer.

  • Dennis & Cindy Wiens

    SAT 7

    Dennis and his wife Cindy have spent most of their life on the mission field and work as a team to apply their experience and knowledge of cross-cultural ministry to the advancement of SAT-7, speaking and teaching throughout the United States. Before joining SAT-7, Dennis and Cindy served in the US, France, Mali and Cote d’lvoire in a variety of ministry roles including Bible school education, field leadership, urban church planting, dorm parenting, guest house ministry and media. Dennis helped pioneer the FM radio project in Mali, using specially-designed, solar-powered FM radio stations and he continues to consult for the

    on-going Mali Media project.