Child Dedication FAQ

What is Child Dedication?

Child Dedication has ancient origins in the Bible. On the 8th day of a child’s life, the Israelites brought their children to the priest for a blessing.  Hannah brought Samuel to Eli, the priest, to dedicate him to the Lord (1 Samuel 1:21-28).  Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus to the temple for his dedication (Luke 2:21-40).

It is Meadow Creek Church’s tradition to offer Child Dedication services for the children of our church family and our surrounding community.  This is a special time of public ceremony and personal commitment when the parents promise to raise their child in a way that honors the Lord.

When is Child Dedication?

Child Dedication services are held during the morning worship services, 

usually scheduled several times throughout the year. Please contact the Church Office for more information.

Is Child Dedication the same as infant baptism or christening?

We recognize that faith comes to a child through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Faith is not passed on to a child through Child Dedication or Baptism.  Parents are giving their child to the Lord and promising to raise them in the training and instruction of the Lord, with the desire that one day, their child will receive Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

Child Dedication is different from infant baptism or christening. Parents should realize that dedication gains no merit in heaven for either the child or the parent and it has nothing to do with the child’s salvation or with the acceptance of that child before God.  It has no relationship with baptism, as baptism requires a personal faith in Jesus Christ.  It in no way relieves the parents of their responsibility for the training and seeking the ultimate salvation of the child, and it is purely a dedication of the child by the parents unto God.

Parental Guidelines

Child dedication is open to parents who commit before the Lord to raising their child to know the Lord Jesus Christ by loving, disciplining, training, and setting a positive Christ-like example.